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Killing Them Softly poster

Killing Them Softly

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is not only beauty, but also great acting skills and professionalism. The actor in the film is key to the success of the film. On crime thriller "Killing Them Softly" Pitt plays the role of a cold-blooded, cruel and cynical Hitman-a mercenary working for the mafia, Jackie Cogan. For the sake of money Jackie ready for anything he respects no one, does not like strangers to him all sorts of "sentimental snot".

When robbing a clandestine Casino, where gangsters were playing poker, the brazen quest guys commit exactly Kogan. Two robbers insanely excited such extraction, but committed many unforgivable mistakes which Jackie and find them. However, paying not come immediately, perpetrators to be long and painful wait for revenge, which will come in the face of outrageous beauty in yellow "aviatorah" and a cigarette in his mouth.

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